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Friday, July 27, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day-Mystikal's "Shake it Fast"

Mystikal's Shake It Fast is brought to you by velour sweatsuits in the summer, paisley printed bandanas and cornrows laced with beads.  Get ya weekend started off right. Listen with me. 

Back when the "Twerk Team" were just fast ass girls in the hood, Mystikal started a verse with "I came here with my dick in my hand" and folks loved it. He featured Pharrell Williams on the hook and encouraged all women to "Shake it FAST but watch yaself" and they did. They shook it & turned around to see it shake. Michael Tyler might have fallen off after doin a bid for messin with lil guls but we're being selective about what parts of the past we remember. As far as I know, this song was before the charges and thats what matters to me, for now. S/o to my folks from the boot! 

Have a great weekend! Watch yaself! 

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