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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day...Uncle Luke vs. French Montana

Its a ratchet song battle today. Hip-hop is not original anymore y'all. We all just gotta accept that and be happy with what we're getting. We can't protest artists because all DJs are playing the same songs. First Drake tampered with Juve's Back that Ass Up and now this. That French Montana guy just turned Uncle Luke's vocals from the intro to I Wanna Rock into a sample song called Pop That. He enlisted the help of Weezy Drake, Rick Ross and maybe some other people. I don't like French Montana. You know who I DO like? Uncle Luke. You may not understand if you've never been around when Uncle Luke walked into a Miami strip club. Don't judge me cuz you're not out living YOUR life. Just know Luke and the 2Live Crew changed the game. They were ratchet and vulgar before it was ok to be so. Everyone should experience that at least once in their lifetime. 
WARNING: Both songs have a NSFW label! 
So here is the original song. 

That song is 4:39 of classic southern music. 

Here is the remake. 

The nerve of these young cats. BTW, for those who don't know "Molly" is a codeword for the ecstasy powder. Its a trend now for people to open the ecstasy pills. Thats what I heard.

Save your judgment. Which version is better? 

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