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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Real Thangs Only Real N*ggas Do

I used an asterisk instead of the letter "i" because it makes me feel better. 

If you never learn anything from me, learn this: people like to be around real n*ggas. Say word. Since we haven't had a Real N*gga Convention (RNC) in a while, I see some of you are dealing with lames posing as real n*ggas. You've been hoodwinked and its a damn shame. You've been hanging around posers so long you don't know a real n*gga when you see one.  I'm here for you boo boo. Keep reading for a list of things real n*ggas do. 

Use facial cleansers. . . real n*ggas can't have pimples, B

Touch the window to see if its cold outside. . .real n*ggas don't watch the weather report

Say "females" when referring to women. . .real n*ggas know two ways to say the same thing

Wait until it stops raining before going anywhere.  . . real n*ggas don't use umbrellas
Think fast. . .real n*ggas can't be fooled

Answer a child's play phone when its handed to them. . .real n*ggas love the kids

Retweet Titty Tuesday and Thong Thursday pics. . . real n*ggs love T&A

Stay humble about being real. . .real n*ggas don't boast they just do real n*gga shit. 

Carry Cash (y'know to spread out and take pics?!?). . .cuz real n*ggas don't have bank accounts

Recognize other real n*ggas. . .real recognize real

Whadya think? Are you still a real n*gga

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