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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Romney Courts the Black Vote at NAACP National Convention

Armed with a tailored suit and a fresh Touch of Gray kit, Mitt Romney addressed the NAACP at their 103rd National Convention in Houston Wednesday morning.

Romney thanked Ben Jealous and others before he jumped right in and threw shade at VP Joe Biden by pointing out that he got to speak first while Veep doesn't speak until tomorrow. Big fckin whoop! 

He says he hoped to represent all Americans of every race, creed and sexual orientation. Romney wants us to understand who he is so he can establish himself as a viable alternative. He quoted Frederick Douglas and even applauded President Obama's election as the first black POTUS. Good job speech writers! *sarcasm*

Mitt put on a real, "I'm not racist cuz I have black friends" show. Speaking about unemployment rates, educational disparities and pretending to care about blacks beyond their vote, Mitt tried his damndest to connect with his audience but fell short.  Ignoring the golden rule of public speaking (know your audience), he said he would repeal ObamaCare and noticeable "boos" rolled like thunder for 15 seconds. I need Mitt to know blacks will sit in the audience and applaud you through your speech knowing we don't agree with nary a damned word.  

I don't care what his speech writers tell him to say or how concerned about blacks they have taught him to pretend to be or how much money he raises, Mitt Romney is not my choice. Still, I want people to go out and exercise their right to vote!

If this campaign season is to be taken seriously I'm going to need both sides to have a better selling point than "The country will be worse off with that other guy." 

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