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Friday, July 13, 2012

Something Like A Big Deal: 9 Relationship Milestones We Overlook

The First Date. 
The First Kiss.
The First "I Love You." 
The First Sex. 
The First Argument.
Meeting the Parents. 
Meeting the Friends.
Moving in Together. 

In every relationship, there are hap'nins that take a relationship to the next level: relationship milestones, if you will. It is a journey to that goggly eyed look couples have on their wedding day. The significance we place on the milestones is just as unique as we are. For some, meeting the parents is always the most important milestone while for others, the most important thing is introducing their mate to his/her close friends.  

Thinking about this got me thinking about overlooked, yet still significant milestones. . .
1st Time Praying Together The moment when you're able to freely share your faith with your partner is momentous. 

1st Time Someone Cries Men are helpless against our tears. We don't really know what to do with their tears either. Being vulnerable in front of your partner is a chance to connect emotionally. 

1st Time She Plans/Pays for a Date Traditionally, the pressure of executing the first two dates in on the man. The first time she takes the reigns to plan and pay for a date allows her show her creative/giving side. 

1st Time Getting Wasted Together You might have fumbling, stumbling, fall asleep before penetration sex but who cares? Its the bonding experience that matters.

1st Event as a Couple The first could be a wedding, funeral, birthday party, cookout, game night or the office Christmas party. Going out to events as a couple gives you a chance to nail down your "couple swag." Are you the couple who coordinates? Are you the "late" couple? Finding your couple swag gets easier with each subsequent event. 
1st Road Trip Taking a road trip together is another opportunity to get to know your mate on another level. From picking the destination to figuring out car etiquette road trips are a fun way to bond. 

1st Time Meeting the REST of the FamilyThe first time you meet the "embarrassing" relatives is both a test and an opportunity to leave a positive impression on the rest of his/her family. 
1st Time You Get Tested Together Getting tested isn't as big of a deal as it should be, but you can take your intimacy to another level once both of you get tested and show each other your results. 

1st Time You Find Your Sexual Groove The first time a couple has sex it is almost always awkward. If you're lucky you will knock all of the awkwardness out by the 3rd time. Once you find your groove, its ON! 

Whadya think? Is there a milestone you and your boo shared that I missed?

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