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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WTF Florida??! 22-Year-Old Mother Murks Her Infant Son After He Interrupted Her Farmville Game on Facebook!

If you played a game of guess that race before you looked at her photo and you WON, we are probably friends in real life (LOL!). Alexandra V. Tobias is awaiting trial after pleading guilty to shaking her 3-month-old son to death. Can you believe that the Florida woman committed this senseless act of violence because her infant's cries were distracting her while she was playing Farmville on Facebook? How could this happen?
If there is any justice Alexandra V. Tobiaswill spend the rest of her life behind bars. The 22-year-old Jacksonville, Florida resident recently plead guilty to killing her 3-month-old son over an online game. She admits that Dylan Lee Edmonsonhad been crying for a while as she played the popular Facebook game Farmville.
Alexandra told police that when the infant wouldn't stop crying, last January, she stepped away from the game long enough to shake the boy, smoke a cigarette and then shake the boy again. The unfit mother suggested that little Dylan "may have hit his head during the shaking."
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WTF Florida? I can't even call it my beloved state anymore. I can't even believe this really happened. Why did it happen? Social media has gone way too damned far. I don't even think she can wrap her head around the fact that she killed her infant over a game. She killed him because he did what a phuckin 3 month old is supposed to do-cry! Ohhhh I'm resisting calling her out of her name. She is a prime example of why young people should not have children. 

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