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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

About That HUGE NY Jets Fight & Ratchet Links

Reports of a brawl involving at least 20 Jets players hit the innanet streets this mawnin. According to the rumor mill, its their 4th fight in two days. Can you say team chemistry? Although there is no official word on the cause of the fight, I hope that energy translates into a few wins for the team that wears green and white. 

HuffingtonPost-This guy is a virgin but still managed to have 15 kids. Wow!

SunSentinal-Either 741 people live in the same house or somebody is going to JAIL. 

Forbes-I thought Pepper was the only person w/o a Facebook. I was wrong. 

KidFury-Aaliyah's family doesn't see it for Drake. 

C&D-K. Michelle has a story to tell. Yes, you care. 

Bossip-Mike Phelps done started dating a groupie. 

ESPN- T.O. signed w/the Seahawks. Maybe now he'll stop crying and catch up on his child support. 

YouTube-This parody made me laugh myself to tears!! Do yourself a favor and watch it! 

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