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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chad Wants to Work Things Out With Evelyn & Ratchet Links

In the latest Chad & Ocho news, Chad RE-followed Evelyn's twitter account. NO I'm not stalking their twitter accounts. I discovered an activity feed this morning, which shows the follows and favorites of people I follow. As of yesterday, Chad was no longer following Evelyn so I assumed he blocked her in an effort to make a clean break. Those of you well-versed in public relationships know what it means when you unfollow your boo. Y'all know you've logged on to Facebook and seen those relationship status changes. As of this morning, my twitter activity feed shows Chad indeed RE-followed his boo who filed for divorce after he headbutted her. Stories hit the net this mawnin that Chad wants Evelyn back while Evelyn's friends claim this wasn't the first incident. Not sure if they're gonna pull a Kobe & Vanessa and cancel the divorce tho. Him RE-following her is probably a way for him to get her attention. He's probably got Take Care on repeat. Reporting on the lives of others is exhausting. 

Anyway check out these stories I found tangled in the interwebs. 
Bossip-King Bey was on Anderson Cooper's show AC360 yesterday to discuss her involvement in World Humanitarian Day. All I know is Beyonce tweeted twice in one day and all was right with the world.

Youtube-Nike is using Russell Westbrook & James Harden to convince people those tear away pants are cool again. 

WSHH-The black power ranger is one interesting fella when it comes to fightin over his girl.

RealGoesRight-Ever wondered what its like to have a conversation with greatness, compromise and sacrifice? This one is a MUST read. 

Complex-Ladies & zestlemen, the drag queen Barbie will be in stores just in time for the holiday rush. *Snaps in a z formation*

The Nation-Oh great, someone else wants to help successful single black women.

Endgadget-A court says one time doesn't need a warrant to track your phone. Thats NOT what I learned from The Wire. 

Twitter-Some of those Beyonce fans have lost their damned minds.

Kctv-A man tried to use Craigslist to find a dog to have sex with. And you thought you were having a bad day?

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