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Monday, August 13, 2012

Coolio Needs to Just Give It Up & Ratchet Links

At the height of his career, rapper Coolio became known for his crazy hairstyles. Fast Forward to the present and both his hairstyle and rap career are struggling. I'm convinced he doesn't have any real friends. He needs to just give it up.

Huffington Post-D.L. Hughley wrote a letter to Chick-fil-A. I'm not here for this. 

WSHH-In case you've never seen the raw reaction of a guy who caught his girl cheating. 

New York Post-Beyonce aint tryna be on reality tv. 

The Town Talk-Ever wonder what happens to those Olympic venues? 

Texas DOCJ-In case you're interested, Texas keeps a record of the last words of all the inmates they have executed. Wow!

DailyMail-This 20 year-old couldn't get laid so he tried to rape his grandma. Yea, that was his logic. 

SunSentinal-Florida teen arrested for groping a woman outside of Wal-Mart. Told cops he couldn't resist. 

BlackSportsOnline-Chad Johnson got fired on his day off. 

Meanwhile...I'm dealing with seeing this ::sigh::

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