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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Discussion: Hoodrats Have Gotten Their Hands on Lacefronts

I had a conversation with my younger sister this past week & it went a little something like this: 

Her: Hey sis. I have an idea for your blog.
Me: Cool. Shoot.
Her: You should do a blog tellin people to stop wearing fake lacefronts.
Me: I'm not doing that. Thats mean. I like to let people live.
Her: No sis, you need to do this. 
Me: There is a such thing as FAKE lacefronts?
Her: Yes. You can buy lacefronts made with human and synthetic hair.
*Uses context clues to determine the synthetic haired lacefronts are the "fake" ones*
Me: So if there are fake ones, why do people wear them?
Her: Because the fake ones are cheap. You can find some pics on Facebook or I'll go out and take some pics for you to post, k?
Me: *Rolls over laughing*
Her: We gotta do somethin about these hoodrats with this ugly hair. 

After that conversation, I did a little digging and realized some of you people (yep, YOU people) are going way too far with this lacefront thing. Bad weaves are one of my pet peeves. For the majority of *MY* life I have avoided the "black women and their hair" convo because it comes off condescending from me. I'm not bragging or tryna justify myself but I must disclose that I have, by many standards of black hair, "good hair." I'm not "natural" because I've never put a relaxer or perm in my hair. Still, those things don't make me any less qualified to help my sistas navigate the struggle.

For those who don't know, a lacefront is a full-headed wig that has a sheer lace base. They are worn by celebs in movies and in their daily lives. Previously, they were reserved for professionals (i.e. theatre, movies, tv) because of the delicate nature of the lace and the need for makeup to cover the front lace.  They range in price from $35-$15,000. Yes you read that right. A "good" lacefront wig is made with Indian Remy or virgin European hair while a "bad" lacefront is made from synthetic fibers. The wigs are popular because the sheer lace base allows for a more natural look. Growing up, I always thought that was the purpose of weaves and wigs: to look natural. With that said. . .hoodrats have gotten their hands on lacefronts. They're now in every flea market, beauty supply store and have even been featured on "The View." 
What about this looks natural? 
OR this? 
OR this? 
Bet money she a 'rat & all her friends gave her compliments.
There is no way that woman has any real friends. Then again, all of her friends probably look just like her. In that case, they all need an ass whooping.  
To be fair, black women aren't the only ones wearing wigs and weaves. If anything, white girls have been wearing them for much longer than black girls. White women were wearing weaves back when we were still destroying couches and pillowcases with curl activator. 
My point? The misuse and abuse of lacefronts by hoodrats needs to be stopped. Sound the alarm. Its an epidemic! Now I know this is fresh on the hindlegs of a black hair debate prompted by Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas' hairstyle. Save your speech about blacks setting the stage for showing others how to treat us because I wrote that speech. Anyway, I had a meeting with the fellas this mawnin. We couldn't reach a general consensus about black hair. Some hate weaves and prefer a woman to wear her natural hair while others say they don't care if we wear a weave as long as our hair looks nice. I want every woman to take time to care for her hair. For some of you that means you need to leave that trap and beez yo ass in a salon. Don't spend time gluing down lacefronts and end up doing long term damage to your hair. You could end up looking like this: 
I just did my part. Its a start, right? 

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Anonymous said...

Your writing is fanTABulous! I haven't laughed so hard in weeks. Keep preaching the evil of cheap lacefronts, especially on the rats of hood in which you speak.
As Khia would say- "YAAAAAAAS!"

Mercedes (non-hood rat, hairpiece wearer since 2004)

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