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Friday, August 17, 2012

For Women Who Like Men Who Love FOOTBALL

In case you didn't know, the NFL preseason is underway. The season started last week with games featuring popular teams like the Cowboys of Dallas, the Packers of Greenbay, the Redskins of Washington and more.  You can view the rest of the preseason schedule here.  

Some fans don't see pre-season as real football, but they're just picky jerks and we don't focus too much energy on addressing them. If you're dating a man who doesn't have a favorite team for any sport, I wouldn't trust him. Thats just me. For those ladies who still dont know how to act when football season starts, here are 10 rules to follow: 
1. Do not get upset with him for not paying attention to you. Get into the game or go out.  
2. Do not try to distract him during the game. Feel free to get naked during the 1st quarter and test this rule. 
3. Do not EVER under any circumstances throw your bitch fits during the game. Save your arguments for when the game is over. I'm serious. 
4. Do not complain about noise levels when he cheers or yells at the TV. 
5. Do not question why he wears a jersey no matter how whack you think he looks. 
6. Do not remind him that he's not a player or a coach. 
7. Do not walk in front of the TV or make any other attempts to prevent him from enjoying the game. Just wait for the halftime show. 
8. Do not ask him to go on dates to places without tee-vees on nights where his favorite team plays.
9. Do NOT complain when he invites his friends over to watch the game. Just fix them some snacks and make sure the bathroom is clean. 
10. Do NOT ask 1000 questions about whats going on unless he's already told you its ok to do so.  If he hasn't, don't take it personal when he tells you to stfu. 

Between, ESPN and your man you should take this opportunity to learn about the the second greatest sport on earth (first greatest is college football)!! If you dont have a man, learn common football terms and take your cute self to a sports bar to watch the game. A great idea for meeting men is to go out to a sports bar and strike up a conversation about the game. Having a genuine interest in sports is a great way to break the ice. Don't go off your rocker starting beef with men tryna prove how much you know sports doe. Keep it cute boo boo. You're tryna get cuffed, not win a stupid argument and keep going home alone all winter.  If you can't get into the football game, find another reason for watching. I like football and I STILL watch for flashes of 6-packs and seeing men in tights. Hi Devin Thomas ^__^! 

Before I go, lemme share a few football basics: 
1. The Schedule: The 2012 NFL Schedule includes a sixteen-game National Football League regular season schedule, spread out over seventeen weeks from NFL Kickoff on the second Thursday in September through the first Sunday in January of 2013. The season will culminate in the playing of Super Bowl XLVII on February 32013, in New Orleans. You can view the full schedule here. 

2. The Scores: There are basically five different ways to score points in football: a touchdown, a field goal, a safety, a two-point conversion, and an extra point. The most valuable scoring play in football is the touchdown, which is worth six points. Read more here

3. The history: Wikipedia is lending a helping hand on this one. Click here

4. The Teams: There are 32 teams in the NFL. Click here for a full list of the teams. 

If you wanna understand the game more, Google is your friend. Send me gallons of Blue Bell butter pecan ice cream as a token of your appreciation.

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