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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Leo Manzano Reps Two Countries After Winning Silver & Ratchet Links

Thanks to Leo Manzano, for the first time since 1968 an American will stand on the 1500 meter podium. Was that enough? NO. Controversy erupted when, during his victory celebration, Manzano pulled out the Mexican flag along with the USA flag. I don't care about any of this extra shit. Just go out and win. Thats what the Olympics are about. Just win. America is a country of immigrants. I think its ridiculous to ask people to choose between their culture and being viewed as a true American. Quiet as its kept, "regular" Americans are boring and bland anyway. Yea, I said it. I can say that because I'm not a "regular" American. I'll never be that. I don't want to be a regular anything. I refuse to let y'all ruin the Olympics for me with all this extra BS. Let that man live! How bout we focus on beating China with these medal counts? what your fav drinks look like under a microscope. Prepare to have your mind BLOWN!

YouTube-Sh*t Customers Say to Makeup Artists. 

NBC-Dawn Harper & Kellie Wells do NOT see it for Lolo Jones. Oh the petty DRAMA!! 

Slate-4 things you need to do to make sure you don't get hacked. 

Gothamist-If you live in NY & you're lookin for a FREE vibrator...theres a cart for that. 

WSHH-Are you SURE you want a relationship? 

Refinery29-Here is PROOF Hillary Clinton *CAN* dance.

Bossip-Kanye says Kim is his "Perfect Bitch" and Kim is ok with it. I guess. 

ATLNightSpots-UK parents beat their daughter for dating a black man. Guess America ain't the only one w/"that" problem. 

Meanwhile...Wiz Khalifa released the album art for o.n.i.f.c (Only N*ggas in First Class) and its obvious he wants to be Cruella De Vil and Jimi Hendrix #atthesamedamntime. 

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