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Monday, August 13, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Episode 9 Recap

Y'all already know what time it issssss!!!!!! I know many of you watched the sneak peek. I hope you find comfort knowing I make it a point not to watch them. 
8:02pm-We're picking up where we left off. Joseline just found out Mimi is not just the baby mama. She whopped his ass tho. Mimi is still in the therapist's office lookin dumb once again. Mimi admits she feels like an asshole for believing Stevie's lies. Now she wants to talk to Mimi. For what tho? Stevie obviously wants to be with Joseline so maybe Mimi needs to seek out Joseline and learn some bedroom moves. Cuz right now, the only move Mimi knows is how to look stupid. Joseline reveals she never really felt the love of her mother. So many issues. 

8:05pm Erica meets up with Scrappy at the park. Erica decided not to wear any real shorts. She tells Scrap she found out about him showing up to his mixtape release party with Buckeey. Scrap says the two are just friends and they have never slept together. Pause. I read a story about the two getting engaged. You mean to tell me she knows all of this and she still agrees to marry him? Oooh. Erica is crying a public ugly cry. Scrap appears to be moved. Its way too many people crying way too early on. 

8:08pm Joseline shows up at Benzino's house looking for Stevie. Who gets to popup to a man's best friend's house? The main chick. She wants answers. Ohhh myyy gawwwwddd who cut Benzino's hair? She's taking advice from Benzino. She says she and Stevie don't use condoms after we all saw her go thru having a fake abortion. No way Jose! Joseline is outchea losing. Benzino tells Joseline she's not going anywhere. Benzino is right tho. Its clear neither woman is going anywhere. Joseline says they do "everything. Love. Sex. Every sex" whatever that means. But why does Benzino's furniture look like a Rent-A-Center showroom? I hope he makes his weekly payments. 

8:14pm. We're treated to an image of Scrappy gettin ga haircut. Scrap seeks advice from his mom. She's obviously not #TeamErica. Momma Dee is not pleased, "He done dipped back in the dip sack tryna give ha anodda chance?" She calls Erica a bitch but she struggles with spelling it. Bee. Eye. Cee. Tee. Ach. & in that order. No mama. Its the wrong damn order, K? She paused while spelling it and she still got it wrong. These people need to take their behinds back to school. She says, "Playas play all day everyday." Damn Scrappy's mom is tryna make him be a player and he's ready to settle down. 

8:17pm. Rasheeda meets up with Erica. They're confiding in each other about their man problems in a shop filled with bras. Oh, Rasheeda is looking for an outfit to wear for her man. Who does she bring along to help her pick? Another woman. And the common thread emerges. "Do what you wanna do & Imma do what I wanna do." Well then. Go head girls.

8:19pm Benzino & Karlie meet up. Her DSL's are shiny. She proclaims that her career means a lot to her but Benzino is her man. Old man Zino's neck is still missing tho. Pretty sure there is a reward for whoever finds it. Zino says Karlie is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. These hoes be winning. Zino is too much of a vet not to recognize that Karlie is only using him to boost her career. But guess what? No one is checking for Karlie's career so she needs to do some restructuring. 

8:26pm. Joseline and Karlie are rockclimbing. But doesn't Karlie have arthritis and osteoporosis? Did her at-home nurse approve this? Apparently the two are bffs. Joseline tells the WRONG person, Karlie, about what went on in that three-way therapy session. Wait, its only been 3 weeks since Karlie and Benzino started dating? Joseline gives Karlie career advice. Karlie is just losing. 

8:29pm. Rasheeda and Kirk are having dinner at a "nice place." I don't know why it looks like they all keep ending up at the same spot. I know Atlanta has more than 3 places with fully finished interiors. Sheeda decides to keep Kirk as her manager. Finally! She says something that makes sense! All that language from Waka Flocka's mama was for naught? Rasheeda says they should renew their vows. Somethin small. Hood people don't know how to do something small. Next thing you know its gonna be out of control with a guest list of 200 of their closest friends.

8:32pm. Benzino & Stevie are in the strip club searching for clarity. Didn't he meet Joseline in a skreh cluh? Anyway, the two donkeys are having drinks and watchin chicks clap without using their hands. Stevie wants to have his cake and eat it too. He says he's in love with both Mimi & Joseline. This negro is tryna have a 3 way relationship? 3-way works with a Bellsouth landline phone account NOT a relationship. 

8:38pm. Benzino meets Mimi at the hood carwash. She's cleaning out her own car. Benzino is the voice of reason? But if he's such a good friend why does he call Stevie "Sleezo?" Zino says they should try to find common ground & Mimi needs to stop barking. He says the situation is not bad since its only one woman. Mimi is shaped like Spongebob. Don't debate me on this. 

8:40pm. Rasheeda and Erica linked up to support KC 2.0. KC is going to speak on her experience with domestic violence. Kudos to her. Sheeda reveals she's friends with the woman who married the man who allegedly physically abused KC 2.0. Sheeda doesn't like that KC 2.0 keeps bringing it up. I think she keeps bringing it up because people keep denying her the opportunity to have her voice heard. Instead of allowing her to tell her full story, people keep jumping to "Well maybe it didn't happen." KC 2.0's behavior is an example of what people do when they are hurting without having someone there to say "I'm sorry for what you went thru." I can't imagine what that must feel like. 

8:46pm KC 2.0 is giving back via Saving Our Daughters. Rasheeda is sitting the audience and I can tell she's juding. Wow! KC 2.0 is wearing a wedding dress. I can tell this is gonna get emotional. Nothing good ever comes of single chicks in wedding dresses. She cries thru her entire testimony. KC 2.0 says she has given her heart to the wrong man and says she felt healed from the situation. 

8:49pm Karlie & Benzino are at Benzino's house. Karlie says she's starting to recognize Zino's anger issue. Zino says he's frustrated that all Karlie talks about is her career. She wants to have an adult conversation with Zino without him "goin in rage & being anger." Conjugation is NOT the name of the game. Zino says he's angry because she makes him that way. Sounds exactly like what a man says right before he headbutts his woman. Zino needs to know he's dealing with a hoe. WHY is he so hell bent on being in denial about it? She told Benzino she was "going to work with some Jamaican" as if that would not draw suspicion. Everyone knows what happens to a woman's thighs around Jamaican men. Anyway, its obvious Karlie is NOT getting the career boost she thought she would get so she's looking for a way out. 

8:56pm. Rasheeda meets with K. Michelle. They're talking about her domestic violence experience. Rasheeda doesn't wanna hear it. She says the people on the other side are her REAL friends. Rasheeda says, "Maybe thats not something he did to you." I'm not gonna touch this. KC 2.0 says just wants an apology. She says she has text messages. KC 2.0 says Sheeda wasn't there. Thats true tho. "That man beat my ass and I had to deal with it." Wow what a loud public scene! I feel pity for K. Michelle tho. She says that man beat her ass. That man has since gone on to start a solid family with someone else and he's being portrayed as a wholesome husband. No one believes her. I can see why she's mad, but its time for her to focus on healing. 

Next week is the season finale. I'll be tuned in! 

Oh look, Single Ladies *changes channel*

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