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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Oversharers: The People Who RUIN Social Networks

Oversharing. Its a game everyone seems to be playing. Updating their social media networks with information people really did not need to know. I don't like it. Between screen shot capabilities, twitpics, twitvids, and all around bitchass people it appears no one is safe. Men risk getting screenshots of their texts with "thirsty" captions. Women risk having their sexy pics uploaded to that Facebook group "Exposed Booty." Thats why you don't send sext messages with your face in 'em. At least, thats what I read in a newspaper. 

Yesterday was a very interesting day on my network of social networks. One of the first things I do after finishing my morning ritual (saying a prayer, shower, freshening my breath and eating breakfast) is to check my social networks. I'm an innanet junkie. Now, I know this might not be the life you live but its my life. I live it. I usually check Facebook first because I uninstalled the mobile version and I mainly check it from my laptop. I check twitter dozens of times/day from my smart phone. All of that is relevant to your life and to mine. I just made your life better by telling you that information. 
I said yesterday was an interesting day because it *was.* How interesting was it? Well the first thing on my Facebook newsfeed was a photo posted by a scorned baby mama with a caption that explained how she had caught her man cheating the night before. Thats right, she posted a photo for all to see. Last I checked, she had over 950 friends. Now, who wants to bet me that at least 947 of those people didn't care? She is gonna say she ain't scorned. Who is gonna believe her? I know I didn't. She tried to convince people she ain't hurting. I didn't believe that either. Thats on her. While she was so busy exposing him, she exposed herself too. I have questions. Is *THAT* the person she was bragging about making her so happy? I have other questions but imma chill. Now, I realize some of the people reading this may know who I'm talking about. I just want y'all to know I give 0 fucks about how you or her feels about me writing this. She provided me with a perfect example of what NOT to do and I used it. I hope y'all recommend it to your friends so I can get my numbers up. 

A few hours later, after my weekly fruit stockup at Whole Foods, I logged on to twitter in the middle of a firestorm. Someone tweeted telling me to check this person's timeline and I followed the directions. A woman, lets call her Nicky, had a 4-some with her boyfriend and 2 other women. Yes, a 4-some. Yes, it was on twitter. Nicky was upset because she found out 1 of the other women tried to hook-up with her boyfriend again. Of course the way she thought to retaliate was to put all of the parties involved on blast. She held nothing back. She uploaded pictures and videos from their 4-some and tagged each person's twitter handle. Messy Messy. She also uploaded screenshots of texts and so on and so forth. No couth. She has over 4,600 followers on twitter. I would bet money 4,590 of those people did not care beyond being entertained. It was clear she thought she was only exposing the other parties since she uploaded pics where she was behind the camera. She was exposed too. What did that do for my life? Made me laugh myself to tears. Don't judge me out loud. 

Let me break this down so y'all don't get confused:  *I* am tired of seeing your ass shots, sonogram photos, picstitch collages and fake extravagant lifestyles. I'm tired of seeing your glamour shots online and then seeing your ugly face in person. I'm tired of seeing your restaurant plate pictures. I'm tired of seeing your shopping receipts. I'm tired of people asking for relationship advice online. That drunk pic is gonna keep you from running for office. I don't care if 57 people liked it. They also liked your status when you said you dropped your phone in the toilet. 

Where was I? 
Oh yea, I had a point. 
Lemme think...
Stop posting inappropriate shit on social networks. Really, stop it. How do you know its inappropriate? If you can't show it to your grandma, don't post it.  I may not be able to see it anymore, but I will always remember that one time you uploaded a pic and then deleted it after you didn't get any likes or comments. Damn being nice about it. I saw you and I judged you. We all did. But, look don't let us stop you. Live your life boo boo. 

Oversharing seems to be becoming the norm though. We keep allowing people to post irrelevant and inappropriate things without so much as a comment. Real friends won't post pics of you blacked out drunk. They might TAKE them, but they won't POST them. Inside jokes are more funny anyway. Oh, its their life? I almost forgot that. I'll tell you one thing: I was DONE when I saw pics of my high school principal's dead body. 

I said all of that to say this: watch who you associate with. Some people don't know about boundaries. They don't know what not to share. When you're dealing with the wrong people, you're always at risk for being exposed. You never know what people are sharing about you behind your back. That sext message you sent could be shown to a few people you DID NOT send it to. In this age of microwave 24 hour news and ts something we all have to be careful about. I like having friends who have a lot to lose. I don't hang around people who have the need to document and brag about everything. Those are not my kind of friends. If they are, indeed, your kind of friends be careful what you share with them. 

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