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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Ratchet Song of The Day-Briscoe's "B*tch I'm ME"

Yes, its another Miami rapper spotlight today. Don't be surprised. Its the music I grew up hearing blaring from the windows of Chevy donks at carshows and football games. I may or may not be a little homesick. What matters now is that the Opa Locka goon gave me the ultimate justification for any behavior people might question "B*tch I'm ME." When this song dropped, it became an anthem for everyone in the 561 area code. Listen with me. Warning: NSFW. 

Don't go off justifying your actions with the phrase "B*tch I'm me. Its all about me" and blame it on me for exposing you to this. I am not responsible. S/o to my Miami boos!!

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