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Monday, August 20, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day: Clipse & Pharrell's "Mr. Me Too"

Today's song is brought to you by schooldesks and misbehaving class clowns who used them to imitate popular hip-hop beats. Its been over 10 years since Pharrell and the famous Neptunes production team introduced the masses to the lyrical genius of Clipse. In today's song, Pusha T, Malice and Pharrell teach us what to call those people who are always hollerin, "Oh yea ME TOO!" Listen with me.

"ME TOO" folks are those people who claim to live your life and do the same things you do, but can't produce proof. Ratchets love saying "Oh yea, me too!" They're the opposite of one-uppers because they're just tryna prove they can keep up. One-uppers are those who go a step further and try to prove they can go a step further. There were rumors that Clipse broke up, but Pusha T put those rumors to rest.

I had the pleasure of meeting Clipse. They're some cool dudes. Wouldn't spit 16 for me on the spot, but cool dudes nonetheless. I hope they drop some more new material soon. I'm gettin sick of Drake.

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