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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day-Gorilla Zoe's "Hood Figga"

Gorilla Zoe is an Atlanta-based rapper many people liken to Young Jeezy. He was originally a member of the group Boyz in the Hood, but he dropped one or two ratchet classics during his stint as a solo artist. He was signed to Bad Boy and we all know where that gets you. For all I know he's still a solo artist but not many are still checking for his music. The original title of the song is "Hood N*gga" but they cleaned up the title (and kept the ratchet lyrics). In this song, Zoe borrows our attention for five minutes to tell us the thoughts of a "Hood N*gga." Listen with me.

For those of you wondering, a hood n*gga is a hustler. He's someone who will do what it takes to make something happen. He has a hustla and he's not afraid to grind. Now, y'all might be reacting like "OMGosh Raine listens to music like this?" I keep tryna tell y'all the streets raised me. I'm a product of my environment. I typed that with a straight face. Some of us are where we are today because of the grind growing up in the 'hood taught us. Its because of people like Gorilla Zoe that we know what every woman really wants: a slow talking, raspy voice having hustla who is all about his pay-pah. Salute to the folks in the Aye.Tee.Elle!!

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