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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day: Ja Rule's "Thug Lovin"

Before 50Cent's antics ended his career, Ja Rule had hits. I'm not kidding. This is not a joke. Stop laughing. Ja Rule used to be a rather successful rapper. I know he is kinda funny lookin and his voice is raspy and annoying, but trust me on this one. This ninja was POPULAR. Almost all of his official YouTube videos have over 3 million hits and its not because Ja Rule is promoting. As far as I know he's locked up serving breakfast to his cellmate Bubba engaging in rap battles with his fellow prison pals. 10 years ago Ja Rule blessed the public with a collabo with the King of R&B Bobby Brown. Listen with me. 
Did we ever figure out what was going on with Bobby Brown's mouth piece? Ja Rule fell off because he didn't have any ride or die fans. They were scared of Fiddy. Ja Rule might have been a weak and easy target but his fans didn't step up enough. How do I know this? Because a few months later, 50cent set out to ruin Rick Ross' career using the same formula. Flawda folks were NOT having it. Rick Ross' career is more successful than ever. Rozay's fans stepped up and told Fiddy where to shove his foolishness. Shouts out to Queens doe! 

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