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Monday, August 13, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day: Master P's "Hoody Hoo"

I know the song is officially by TRU but how many of y'all know who the heck that is? Exactly. Before Master P became a music mogul and Lil Romeo's daddy he was a very popular gangsta rapper. Hailing from the Louisiana projects, Master P churned out hit after hit by himself and with the help of his TRU and No Limit crews. His hits had hits. To make Hoody Hoo ratchetness, Master P enlisted the help of C-Murda and Silkk tha Shocker to make this 90s hood hit. Judging by the number of Youtube hits, I'm guessing most people have never even heard of this song.  

I chose this song because its quite possibly the only song where Silkk actually rhymes on beat! LOL! Listen with me. 

My favorite line? "How ya like me now?/ Gold teeth when I smile/Tryna take me out the ghetto but I'm still BUCK wild." ahahahahaha!!! I'm so gutta! I don't care what anyone says, Master P made some classic ratchet hits. He inherited $10,000 from a family member and turned it into a music empire where he sold over 75 million records before he retired. As for the rest of TRU and the No Limit crew, C-Murda is locked up, Mystikal was recently released from prison and the rest of 'em are flying below the radar. Salute to the boot! 

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