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Monday, August 06, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day: Plies' "100 Years"

Whats in my pawket dawg? 2 points if you know the answer. Today's song is brought to you by false eyelashes, colored contacts and every woman who thinks that combo is ok. Algernod Lanier Washington aka Plies is loved by his fans because of his super ratchet lyrics and ability to rap about things the hood can relate to. In today's song, he captures how it feels to know someone you care about has been sentenced to an extended prison bid. Listen with me. Oh, its NSFW.   

Pretty sure he thought this would be his version of 99 problems as he dropped some valid points about the "system" in there while rapping about scenarios. I'm not gonna tell y'all how Plies is actually an educated and articulate person who doesn't actually talk how he raps. Can't be mad he saw a niche and created a rap persona around that.  Won't even mention how he comes to *MY* shoulder in terms of height. A certain part of me enjoys his music. Its my way of keeping my ear to the streets! Shout out to Ft. Myers! 

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