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Friday, August 10, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day: Project Pat's "Chicken Head"

Today's song is brought to you by custom old school Cadillacs, skullcaps and wave pomades. Back in 2006, when artists actually tried to make sense, Project Pat broke it down for everyone who wondered what it meant to be a "Chicken Head." Theres no need to search urban dictionary, Project Pat gave us a song filled with definitions and examples. Probably the biggest bomb he dropped was that men could be chicken heads too! Although the phrase may be a bit outdated in 2012, the song is still sooooo relevant. Listen with me.

"Bald-head scally-wag/ Ain't got no hair in back/ Gelled up weaved up/ Yo hair is messed up." 

Ahhh the memories! 

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