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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day: Three 6 Mafia's "Who Run It?"

Back when I was recording songs off of the radio because my parents refused to buy me rap CDs, Three 6 Mafia donned puffer vests and let us all know who runs *it.* Before you go asking about what *it* is remember people get cut from ear to ear asking questions like that. Brought to you courtesy of black skull caps, baggy Dickie shawtsets and leather Avirex jackets the video features everything from ratchet female rappers to flawless dance moves. Listen with me. Oh, its NSFW. 

The Tennessee-bred rap group has since gone on to win an Academy Award. When it comes to ratchet music, Three 6 Mafia's entire discography is full of it. If you've got some time to kill just type in their name on Youtube and you can waste at least an hour listening. Ahh the memories of constantly rewinding taped songs to learn the lyrics. S/o to Memphis! 

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