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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Wait is OVER: Beyonce's Video for "I Was Here"

Beyonce came, she saw and she slayed. Yes, she did. Yes, I really believe that. Step aside peons, the Queen is back once again to sit on her throne. Beyonce released the visuals for her inspirational song, I was here today and made everything right with the universe. Get ready cuz there are rumors that she's working on a new album, which means she's about to take over the scene once again. Watch below. 

The video features a stunning visual of the Queen Bey in a white custom-fitted sequin gown along with images of less fortunate folks from around the world.  Something about the combination of the words and images tells me she's been a silent contributor to the relief efforts of the disasters we see behind her. I wouldn't be surprised because not all celebs like to brag about how they give back. Take that Harry Belafonte! The Queen chose to use her star power to raise awareness about World Humanitarian Day, which is tomorrow. Do something nice for someone else tomorrow.

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