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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

USA Women Bring Home Gymnastics GOLD & Ratchet Links

Every black person's play cousin, Gabby Douglas came thru for the Women's gymnastics team and played a major role and helping them crush Russia and bring home the gold. You wouldn't know that by reading the Washington Post's sister paper today. The paper left off Gabby in the photo and failed to mention her name in the article. Should I cry racism now or wait? Was it a coincidence? Did they miss the fact that she scored the most points? Cousin Gabby deserves her props as she has worked hard and she relocated to Iowa train and pursue her dreams. If I hear someone else say somethin else about her hair & I'm gonna SNAP! 

MadameNoire- TG got a shoutout. I'm not the only one who felt old.  
Local News- FSU Law Students got a lil crazy. Somebody got shot.
Instagram- Well I thought it was a mosquito. 
Daily Beast-Is this the next Obama?
Bossip-GLAAD wants same sex couples to kiss inside Chick fil A.
WashingtonPost-8 Badminton players got caught throwing matches. People try to cheat at the Olympics? 
WorldStarHipHop-Well at least Lil B still has fans. 
NYDailyNews-Snoop Dogg got some good ganja, is doing Reggae music and wants to be called Snoop Lion. 
Facebook- God's answer to Nicki Minaj is Beez in the Church.

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