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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day: 10 K.A.N'S "You Need D*ck in Your Life"

Today's song is brought to you by magnum condoms and . For those who don't know, 10 K.A.N is an acronym for 10 Krazy Ass N*ggas. The group was formed with artists from the 69 boys crew teamed up with the boys from 95 South. What did they do together? Make ratchet music about real life situations. You know you wanna take a music break and listen with me.  

I know y'all have met a woman who seemed bitchy for no reason. Don't act like you never said "Dang she just needs some d*ck in her life." Here come the ratchets to the rescue AGAIN. Today's song addresses that very real life situation. Don't be mad cuz the ratchets are problem solvers. 

Also, I need y'all to understand how I giggled all throughout this song. Just remember good meat is the key to life. 

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