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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Get Yo LIFE! 16 Celebs Who Have Gotten BETTER With Time

After I got a lil ratchet with Tuesday's post, it's only right that I flip the coin and praise some of our favorite celebs who HAVE aged gracefully. In an industry where "looking" young is something people pay thousands to achieve, these people have managed to look better with age. Pay homage.

The people who made the list have aged beautifully and embraced everything that comes along with it. I'm warning you now...some of these people WILL put your semi-young ass to shame! (Please note this list is in no particular order until you get to number 1. That one is on purpose LOL!)
16. Brandy-33
She emerged on the scene a small teen with a huge voice. She's carried a sitcom, reality shows and withstood storms of tabloid stories. Thru the years, she's had her ups & downs, but she's aging beautifully and is gearing up to release a new album. 
15. Melanie Brown (Scary Spice)-37
This chick has managed to look better now than she did when she was hoppin all around the stage as Scary Spice. She's survived having a kid with Eddie Murphy and she looks amazing. Still, I hate her face. I hate her abs. 
14. Dame Helen Mirren-67
I couldn't do this list and NOT mention her. She's honest about her flaws and is a very classy lady.
13. Idris Elba-40
Do you really need a reason why he's here? He captured my heart as Stringer Bell and he's been my fahn ass pretend hubby ever-since! Not to mention he looks better now than he did back then. *Prays away impure thoughts*
12. Garcelle Beauvais-45
She's survived playing Jamie Foxx's love interest, a messy divorce and has given birth to twins. You ready to get that ass in the gym yet?
11. Raven Symone-26
She captured our hearts and the witty & cute Olivia on The Cosby Show. She's held her own with several successful projects & managed to float under the radar. She may have struggled with her weight before, but she's looking fabulous these days.
10. Angela Bassett-54
She's played Stella and gotten her groove back, but in real life Angela Bassett is one bad woman. She's given birth to two beautiful children and bounced back better than younger women with fewer children. I think everybody's mama has one of those afro pics lol!
9. Morgan Freeman-age unknown 
Morgan Freeman was young once and he still looked old LOL! He has had that old man swag for so long I don't ever remember a time he looked young. He's played God & got his break driving around an old white woman. You're stoopid if you don't think he's awesome. 
8. Naomi Campbell-42
She might snap and slap a bitch with a cell phone every now & again, but Naomi is STILL one of the baddest chicks in the game. She's still landing covers & even though she is edge deficient, Naomi still puts ppl half her age to shame.
7. Sade-53
She's given us classic albums with tracks you can listen to from beginning to end. She's still selling out concerts and puttin girls to shame who are half her age.
6. Stacy Dash-46
She might SUCK at acting, but she's still a bad mama jamma. I hate that her body is so phuckin perfect!
5. Nia Long-41
Nobody rocks a short cut like Nia Long. She's been every ghetto dude's imaginary girlfriend for almost 20 years and she's hotter than ever. She's still getting the attention of rappers like Juicy J who gave her a shout out on Bandz a make her dance. She's given birth to two children and she doesn't look a day over 25.
4. Tina Turner-72
Tina and her envy-worthy gams have been snatchin wigs since Santa Claus was a lil boy. Every once in a while I like to watch the scene in What's Love Got to Do with It featuring  her whipping Ike's ass in that limo. At 72 Tina looks amazing! Oh yea, RIP Ike.
3. Iman-57
Iman says her secret to aging gracefully is her skin care regimen. I have a skincare regimen and I still don't look like her so it's gotta be her great genes. Her transformation is obvious and is the stuff some of you can only dream about.
2. Halle Berry-46
If she didn't make the list, y'all would hang me. That's not to say she doesn't BELONG on this list. I love Halle! She's like a "given" for lists of good looking people tho & what fun are they?
1. Denzel-57
If Denzel wasn't married...lawd I'd tell y'all what I would let him do to me. But he is, so I won't. 

Bonus!!! Betty White-90
Betty was a flawless beauty in her younger days & she's an awesome woman today. Plain & simple she's the shit. Phuck you if you don't agree. 

*Wipes Sweat off forehead* Whew! Keeping the list short was SUCH a challenge. Whadya think? Did I miss any celebs who have aged gracefully? Did you struggle to believe I didn't list these people in a particular order? Tell me somethin good.

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