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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ratchet Song of The Day Field Mob's "Cut Loose"

I know at least 2 people are reading this and thinking it's about them. I promise it's not shade. I promise I picked this song before I cut you loose lol!

Today's song is brought to you by grocery store brand cereal and jelly beans you can only get from TJ Maxx. Field Mob has been a lowkey voice for informed ratchets for quite some time. In today's song, they capture what it feels like when your boo has cut you loose for someone you know is a downgrade. Listen with me.

Field Mob doesn't get enough respect for their trill ass lyrics. They managed to incorporate a letter wherein the ex explained she left because she was struggling to take, "The way you ram 10 inches in me/Slam me in different positions/Grasp and grip my hips and titties/Put one leg up drag and flip me." If that aint talent, I don't know what is! 

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