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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rose & Jason: One HELL of a Night (Part 2)

In case you missed it, check part 1 here.

The street lights peeked thru the tiny slits in Rose's blinds.
Rose began to slowly grind on Jason as the sound of heavy breathing and passionate kisses occupied the room.
Jason felt up Rose's dress to release her breasts from the constraints of her bra.
She ignored the possibility that her neighbors might see them.
With one fell swoop, her shirt and bra were on the floor.
She leaned back slightly to allow him to admire her supple breasts, her eyes inviting him to suck on 'em. 
He caressed them before he went straight for her left nipple. 
"You have beautiful breasts."

Rose kissed his neck as he alternated between sucking and nibbling on her perky breasts.
Jason couldn't help but tell her how good her lips felt on his neck.
"Your lips are so soft. They feel amazing."
Rose giggled. "I have another set of lips that feel even better."
Jason's face lit up. He knew exactly what she meant.
The two continued to kiss passionately as Jason unzipped his pants and removed his shirt.

Rose melted as she ran her fingers over his abdomen. 2. . .4. . .6. "Thank you God!" she said to herself. 
Jason looked confidently at his exposed manhood. "Can you handle it?"
"I'm about to find out" Rose answered without hesitation. 
A few more kisses and Rose was on her back.
Jason kissed his way down to Rose's bald cunt.
Rose arched her back and gripped a pillow as he fucked her with his tongue until she surrendered all restraint. 
She pushed him back and began rhythmically bobbing her head on his penis. 
He rubbed his fingers thru her hair and gripped the back of her head. 
Jason moaned as Rose began an oral assault on his penis. 
Her mouth engulfed and deep-throated his 7 inches. 
She spit and slurped on his scrotum and ran her tongue up and down his penis. 
Her hand moved in an up-and-down motion on the shaft, with the head in her mouth. 
"Damn girl" he said as he glanced down. 
Rose smiled. 

He grabbed a condom and strapped up without missing a beat.
He grabbed her ass and she climbed on top. He eased inside of her warm pussy. 
She cupped her hands behind his head and worked her hips in a circular motion feeling his entire penis inside of her. 
Jason leaned his head back and closed his eyes.
He grabbed her hips and moved her in an up-and-down motion.
Both are chasing an impending climax.

He flipped her over and she curved her back to receive him.
She clapped her cheeks as he smacked her ass.
"Fuck me."
He ventured deeper and stroked harder. 
"Your dick feels soo good baby!"
She felt the sting of another smack as his right hand gripped her left shoulder.
"Your pussy is amazing. You're the best!"
"I'm about to cum!" she warned.
He reached around and fondled her clit.
Rose let out a scream as she climaxed. 
She paused for a second and was ready for more.
She turned over to face him.
"My god you're so WET!"
Rose bit her lip and responded, "It's all because of you."  
He leaned down and softly kissed her neck.

Jason closed his eyes and yelled "Aww FUCK!" 
It was clear he wouldn't last much longer. 
He planted his left hand her stomach.
"You bouta come for me babe? I'm comin again."
"Damn yo pussy feels good."
He pounded her until they both climaxed.
The two collapsed with exhaustion.
Rose grabbed a washcloth and 2 bottles of water. 
They locked eyes and appreciated the beauty of their experience together. 
"You're a beast!" Jason proclaimed as he pushed her hair out of her face.
Rose giggled. 
She lay on Jason's chest until the next morning. 
What happened in the shower is another story. 

Whadya think? I hear you wondering whether I think I'm Zane or somebody. I assure you, I don't. 

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