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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

WTF Happened to You?!! 7 Celebs Who Have Not Aged Well

Our favorite stars from the 80s & 90s are old. Follow me. Yesterday while I was getting my daily dose of mindless tv, an Old Navy commercial featuring the Backstreet Boys came onto my tee vee screen. What were they pushing? Skinny jeans. They shoulda been pushin the performance fleece. At least the fleece is classic and age appropriate. Click here if you haven't seen the ad. Lawd I almost fell out! What happened to them? They got old & they LOOK it. Seeing that commercial helped me realize how some of our favorite stars from the 80s & 90s are in their late thirties and forties. Whoa!

I have to admit I was more of an N'Sync fan, but dang it if those Backstreet Boys didn't look like they've been doing some shady things on a back street. They did NOT age well. Father time was NOT kind to them. I mean on a scale of Mickey Rourke to Morgan Freeman, they aged a solid Pam Anderson. How tragic! Anyway, seeing BSB got me to thinkin about other popular celebs from the 80s & 90s that have not aged well. Hence, today's post. I'm about to shatter your dreams and I'm gonna do it guilt free with a straight face. 
7. Lisa Bonet (Denise Kendall)
Lisa went from playing the cute Hillman student to lookin like a student of life who got stuck repeating the same grade.
6. Lil Kim
It's no secret Kimmie went too far with her plastic surgery. Kim went from looking like a bangin chick from the hood to looking like she banged her head on a hood.
5. Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle)
She's no longer saved by the bell. My goodness life has not been kind to her. 
4. Maia Campbell
Maia used to be bad during her In the House days! Unfortunately, her mental illness and battle with drugs landed her a spot in the house of infamy. Her downfall was hard to watch & I'm happy she's back on the up & up.
3. D'Angelo
While he emerged on the scene with a near perfect physique asking "how does it feel" D'Angelo got arrested in 2010 looking like he filled an emotional void with Twinkies. 
2. Jason David Frank (the green Ranger)
He was cute as Tommy, the bad boy green ranger. As Jason, he looks like the kind of guy who makes you watch highlight reels of his high school "glory" days. No bueno.  
1. Jasmine Guy (Whitley Gilbert)
No shocker she's #1. Jasmine is probably best known as the actress who played Whitley Gilbert, the young woman who lived a privileged life afforded to her courtesy of her daddy. These days Jasmine Guy looks like she pissed off Father Time. 

Regardless of their apparent decision to say "fck aging gracefully," their shows are still classic & they've lived a life many of us can only dream about. Some of these folks have had run-ins with drugs, alcohol, bankruptcy, failed marriages and whatever else makes your face wrinkle beyond recognition. That means you shouldn't hold your breath waiting to see these folks land roles as high school snobs. At least, not believable ones. 

Whatcha think? Did I miss any stars who fell off? I'm listening.

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