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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Ratchet Song of the day: Soulja Boy's "Donk"

It may be the first day of "No Shave November," but I'm not paying that any attention. If you let a date determine when you don't shave, you nasty! Anyway today's song is brought to you by thick chicks in tights who feed their family those chicken wings from 7-eleven. People wonder what Solja Boy Tell 'Em actually told us. Well in today's song he pays tribute to the women with bulging derrières. That is exactly what he means when he says "She Got a Donk." Listen with me. 

Two points if you know what he's talking about outside of the chorus. You might think it's unbelievable that people make as much money as Soulja Boy has made by creating music like this. In an age where the media continues to tell us that beauty only comes in stick figures, the kids with the donks don't mind the praise. I aint mad at 'em.  

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