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Monday, November 12, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day: Uncle Luke's "It's Your Birthday"

Today's song is brought to you by the people with fond memories of Freaknik in the early 90s and the kids conceived during that golden time of ratchetry. In what is quite possibly the best birthday song EVER, Uncle Luke and his 2 Live Crew created a celebratory tune of call & response that asks "What's that number 1 birthday month?" Of course everyone is gonna say it's *their* birthday month. Genius! The song proceeds to ask "What's that number 1 zodiac sign?" Again, of course, everyone is gonna say it's *their* zodiac sign. Everyone knows Scorpios rule the world. Listen with me.

::Hits the percolator:: This one's for all the November babies! Happy Birthday! 
BTW, you a hoe if Luke says your name in this song. Just sayin...

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