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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reader Submitted Ratchet ish: Logan Mac's Chicken Song

I love music. 
I love ratchet music. 
Most of all I LOVE when my readers share ratchet music with me. Y'all know I love all the ratchets & I don't judge nonnadem. Today's song is no different. Let this woman take you to a special spiritual place in recognition of the awesome-ness that is CHICKEN. Get into Logan Mac's Chicken Song. 

Did you go to your special place? Did she take you to another land? Please note how Logan labeled this one the original version so that she leaves the option open to make a remix. That is five minutes and 42 seconds (assuming u watched the whole thing) you will never get back. Might as well appreciate it. I can tell y'all are judging her for singing that way about chicken. Don't act brand new. Y'all know some folks claim alllll black people feel this way about chicken. 

And this is yet another reason to appreciate the innovation of ratchets. Y'all didn't think it could be done. This woman caught the HOLY GHOST while singing about the different types of chicken. 

Special thanks to reader PRFitz for droppin this gem!

Twitter: @LegallyRatchet1

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