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Sunday, December 30, 2012

COUNTDOWN: Top 10 Ratchet Moments of 2012

It's that time of the year again. Folks are making New Year's Resolutions they won't keep and every person with an internet connection thinks we care. Some people got rich. Some people went broke. Blue Ivy Carter was born and many legends in the game died. I know it's been a while since I posted. Trust me I've been busy. Not the kinda busy you pretend to be when you're avoiding people either. I'm talkin genuinely busy. Get outta my business anyway! lol jk 

Where was I?
Ahhh yes! Ratchet moments in 2012. 
There was no shortage of ratchet moments in 2012. I am so grateful for everyone who behaved without inhibitions and let their ratchet shine bright like a diamond. Thanks, in part, to you all my blog went to another level in 2012. There were soooo many ratchet moments it was hard to consolidate the list to just 10 moments. I am so thankful for all of the ratchet people out there. We may have stopped talking about these ratchet moments, but I am here to refresh your memory.

These moments give me hope for more ratchet behaviors in 2013. 
10. The "2012 STOP CIARA FROM MAKING MUSIC CAMPAIGN".  Music customers took their buying power to another level and started a petition to get Ciara to stop making music. It might not have gotten over a million signatures, but it was a sign that music fans were sick and tired of having Ciara's music available. If fans of "The Game" can bring the show back, music fans can kill careers with petitions right? 

9. The Hot Cheetos & Takis Song. A group of kids wanted to share their new favorite snack. Over 4 million views later these kids have done so much more. If you get confused while watching the video that just means you're too old to know what's hot these days.
8. Serena Williams C-Walked After Winning the Gold at the 2012 Olympics. While some tennis players simply take a bow, or thank God, or fall down in dramatic fashion, Serena Williams wasn't going out like that. The Compton native shocked announcers and the audience when she crip walked (and salsa'd) after her victory. You can take the girl outta the hood...

7. Katt Williams Retired. And then he un-retired. A far cry from his fresh perm and pimp attire, Katt Williams announced his retirement from comedy in 2012. It's hard out here for a pimp. He was arrested 3 times in 3 days while in Seattle and he managed to slap a Target employee. On top of that, he hasn't been funny since 2005. It was funny when I thought it was a phase. Then it was sad. Now it's just pathetic. It's very clear someone needs to step in and send the pimp to rehab. He's got problems with the IRS, lost custody of his kids and gets arrested every other day. Pimp down. 

6. Momma Dee Taught us How to Spell. I loved everything about Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. It was the right amount of ratchet and drama that left us feenin for more each week. Momma Dee had a number of notable quotables, but it was when she taught us how to spell "bitch" that had the innanets goin nuts. "BEE. EYE. TEE. SEE. ACH.& in that order." Don't use insults you can't spell. 

5. Deion Sanders Tweets Through a Beatdown. 
When most people are involved in a violent altercation their first instinct is to call the cops. Not Primetime. He took to his twitter account to let his followers know what was goings on. We still don't know exactly what happened, but Deion made sure to share as much as possible about his estranged wife's physical attack while their kids were present. Their divorce and custody battle have gotten very ugly in the press. 
4. The Pacquiao Knockout Pics. It wasn't funny when Marquez knocked out Pacman. I didn't even watch the fight, but I know that wasn't the funny part. The photos (memes) that took over the interwebs after the knockout made this fight memorable. Creators held nothing back for a solid 72 hours as they creatively showed us that we live in a cold world. Peep the rest here.
3. Trinidad James' Record Deal. 

It was one thing for him to pen "All Gold Everything." It was another thing for him to create a video replete with items spray painted gold. It was yet another thing for Trinidad James to land a $2M record deal with Def Jam. Music fans everywhere were flabbergasted. It also spawned hilarious spoofs, like this one. "Popped a Molly I'm sweatin! ::Woo::" James now shares a label with the likes of 2Chainz and Kanye West. 
2. Dawn Harper & Kellie Wells Dissed Lolo Jones. Olympic runner Lolo Jones stole the spotlight during this year's olympics. We all knew her story and her claims that she didn't use nary of those 150k condoms delivered to the Olympic village. She didn't win a damned thing, but that didn't stop these two (winning) Olympians from being petty. The two were upset that Lolo was a sorry MF & still got more publicity than they did. Womp womp!

1. News of Shawty Lo's New Reality Show. 

The standards for reality tv have long been tossed out of the window. Even the biggest lovers of ratchet reality tv were scratching their heads with this one. Shawty Lo & his 11 kids and 10 baby mamas will be featured in a 1 hour special on Oxygen called "All my Babies Mamas." The ladies (and I use that term loosely) have descriptive names like the “Fighter Baby Mama," the “Jealous Baby Mama,"  the “Wanna-be Bougie Baby Mama," and Baby mama from hell." I'm pretty sure this will be a tester to see if they should get a full blown show. This news gives me a renewed hope that 2013 will be JUST AS RATCHET as 2012. I'm so here for it. 
Honorable Mentions:
Chris Bosh's Champagne Bath
   As the Miami Heat were celebrating their new status as the 2012 NBA Champs, Chris "Champagne" Bosh swooped in and showered himself in the bubbly stuff. It's not exactly ratchet, but it's still funny as all hell. 

Oprah on Twitter
After years of dealing with people trying to tell her how to spend her money, Oprah got fed up. She put a dude in his place on twitter.  

Chad Johnson headbutted his wife Evelyn Lozada. A mere 41 days after tweeting thru his wedding, Chad reacted to an argument with his wife by head butting her. 

Snoop got some good weed and changed his name to "Snoop Lion." After a trip to Jamaica while filming a documentary, Snoop Dogg told the world to call him Snoop Lion. 

That's it for my favorite ratchet moments of 2012. What were yours? 
Gotta thank everyone for all of your emails, texts, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. with suggestions for ratchet things to post on my blog. You are all appreciated!
Cheers to more ratchet-ness in 2013. 


Jerzees Boys Shirts said...

Everyone can do the Crip walk, not just Crips. And serena is .from Oakland or something so she probably saw a lot of Crips when she was younger, so the dance rubbed off on her. I actually think Serena is trash as a person but I kind of liked her use of the C-walk in skirt. It was cool.

Irene Dunne.

Raine Lali Gabrielle said...

Hey Irene! I agree that everyone CAN Crip walk. I wouldn't advise doing so in Compton, but I have def seen people in South Florida imitating the Crip walk at non-gang related parties. Thanks so much for reading!

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