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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ratchet Song of the Day: 69 Boyz & Quad City DJ's "12 Days of Christmas"

Today's song is brought to you by strawberry flavored black and milds and purple body splash gift sets. As the ink dries on Trinidad James' new $2 Million record deal, it's clear that it's the ratchet season of reaping. We're also 12 days away from Christmas and it's time to get serious about what you're gonna get your loved ones. I know you're struggling with figuring out what to get the ratchets in your life for Christmas. You ain't got to worry cuz I'm here to help ya. Today's song will definitely put you at ease. Listen with me. 

Please note that no one in this ENTIRE song pronounced the "s" on the end of Christmas. While regular people sing about a partridges and pear trees, ratchets are asking for a new Cadillac, gold teeth, blunts and free rent. You gotta love it. Now *this* is a trill Christmas song!

In case you couldn't keep up, or decipher through the Southern accents or are looking for ideas on what to get the ratchets in your life for Christmas, below is the list broken down by gender. 
12 Disc changer
11 Philly Blunts
10 Kangols (or Carat gold)
9 Sega Tapes
8 Gold teeth
7 Pair of Adidas(?)
6 Packs of beer
5 Fresh gold chains
4 Thirty Smokers
3 Packs of Draws (underwear)
2 Girlfriends
1 A cadillac to put it all in

12 Hundred Dollas
11 Pairs of shoes
10 Fingernails
9 Packs of weave
8. Male strippers
7 Bus passes
6 Diamond Rings
5 Months free rent
4 Bangles
3 Pocketbooks
2 Earrings
1 A man with a lot of money

Well there ya have it folks. Don't say I ain't never gave ya nothin. 

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