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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ratchet Song of the Day: Ludacris' Move B***h

How is this for your Tuesday? Today's song is brought to you by afro picks with the fist on the handle and the jheri curl activator in the gold bottle. Today's song may not be ratchet to some of you. That's more of a reflection on you than it is on. Just because it was a bit mainstream doesn't make it any less ratchet. Listen with me.

Tellin someone to "Move Bitch. Get outta the way" is def ratchet. On everything(what?! I've been in DC too long!) I say this in my head about a dozen times/day. People don't move outta my way quickly enough. After I've said "Excuse me" & folks don't react quickly enough, my next thought is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS to say "Move Bitch. Get outta my way." I've never said that, but I'm gonna do it one of these days lol!

This is on my iPod's "Metro to Work" playlist. If you take public transpo to work, I suggest you add it as well. Hope it got your blood pumpin! 

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