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Monday, April 29, 2013

Ratchet TV RECAPS: Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 2

15 minutes before the show starts and I'm not sure I want to keep watching. Last season I wavered because there were points when it seemed TOO scripted. I know what I DO NOT WANT TO SEE: Mimi looking stupid. Her level of stupidity is almost unbelievable. I'm hard pressed to believe it's all for the sake of good tv. Anyway, in case you're just tuning in to these posts here's how it goes: 

I watch LAHH: ATL during the first showing and share my unfiltered thoughts about the goings on of the episode. Throughout this time you are free to add comments as you see fit. I will update the post after each commercial break and add final commentary and photos. Viola! Magic. 

*Sips wine*

I'm here for the women with boyfriends and boo thangs who refuse to watch LAHH:ATL with them.  

Good thing I tuned in 2 minutes early. Caught another preview of what's to come this season. Gotta admit I'm STILL not excited. 


8:01PM Joseline starts off the episode with Stevie J in her bed. Dah well guess the love triangle still lives on. Joseline tells Stevie for the umpteenth time she wants to let their "relationship" go. Joseline says her job is to be a "bad bitch." Stevie seems to think he's some sort of "gatekeeper." 

8:04PM Erica welcomes Scrappy home. I assumed he was in jail, but she says he was out doing shows. Scrappy is rockin the finest mall kiosk jewelry and the best designer clothes a booster can remove the security tags from. Ooooooh snap! He's rockin a leather vest. Let me find out Joe Budden has an underground vest line. Wait Scrappy's government name is Darryl? But he wants us to call him Skris-nah-eee? Noted. 

8:07PM Who is this motherfu. . .beloved woman? Oh DJ Traci Steele. Never heard of her. Her claim to fame is that she dated Chris Brown's DJ 6 years ago. Is that supposed to mean something? Ok girl. I'm putting my tv on mute. I'm gonna guess this is the person who will say, "They only want you cuz you're Chris Brown's DJ." She strikes me as the type of woman who had a baby to keep a man. & failed. Miserably.


8:16PM Mimi is in the gym punching bags with KC 2.0. Yeaaa, but she sat there and let Joseline play her to the left in her house. Joseline would proly mollywhop Mimikins. "You can't watch over a man" is perhaps the smartest thing I've ever heard KC 2.0 say. Mimi says she's not doing it anymore. I don't believe her. She's too old for this shit. Really.

8:19PM Joseline meets some kid named Dawn at Thrive in Atlanta. Somethin about them being hustlers. Chile they used to be hooking together. She tells Joseline how much she's been making. I find it disturbing that she's so "about" her money, but she doesn't know what's on the books or in her contract. "I'm just fucking him, going out to eat, having fun." Ok girl. 
8:22PM Momma Dee met up with Buckeey. Why is she here  feeding this poor girl lies behind the wheel of a Coupe de Ville? Momma Dee decided it was ok to invite Buckeey to the studio. She reminds me of one of those women from "The Wire."


8:28PM That DJ girl is back. Her name is Traci and she keeps calling her son Baby Drew. Traci lost her mind because she thought having a baby would make him stay around. He just straight up asked her for $25k to help him open a sneaker store. She co-signed a truck that he let "groupie bitches" drive. She's so bitter. Everything for her goes back to hoes. This right here is a woman scorned. She's what I call "a stupid hoe." She's REALLY letting this man sell her pipe dreams. Amazing. 

8:31PM Scrappy visits Erica's mom. Why are there so many undone buttons on his button down shirt? Her mom wants to know some thangs. Can't blame her. 

8:33PM Joseline meets up with Stevie. She asks questions about her contract. He refuses to give her a copy of her contract. This feels like one of those deals where the artist gets a Cadillac. Stevie J is a pimp ass negro. 


8:39PM Mimi secured her own spot. No not with Stevie J. She got her own place for real this time. & she probably didn't even need a co-signer. I get the feeling this is a first for Mimi. I don't know about KC 2.0 as her main confidante. Her ass is so big and perky tho #norainbow LOL!

8:40PM Scrappy is in the studio. "He put them paws on em" is about to be a real life single. I can already tell it's gonna be TRASH or what would he call it? Triz-nah-ee. Momma Dee is totally in love with her son. It's disgusting. In walks Buckeey. This is pitiful. Pretty sure Momma Dee wants to dip her finger in that sugar bowl. Sittin up there lookin like Scar. 


8:45PM Buckeey thinks Scri-nah-eee owes her an apologiz-nah-ee. Scar leaves at the perfect time and they are alone. I guess this is Buckeey's way to get her closure. She's ugly crying on tv tho and her weave is triz-nah-ee. Shay says she deserved better because she is "a good person." That is what everyone says. It carries no weight. Who is gonna voluntarily proclaim to be a bad person? 

8:48PM Stevie goes to see old man no-neck (Benzino). What world are we living in where Benzino is the voice of reason? & he's upset Stevie changed his number? So is he one of the people riding Stevie's "bus?" Why is Stevie drinking and driving tho?


8:55PM Alright let's see what cliffhanger will make us want to tune in next week. Stevie comes home with flowers and a gift. He's been gone for a few days & calls it "taking care of business." Please. He's been laid up in sin with Joseline. Well this went LEFT quite quickly. I don't think I've ever seen a man use a child as a tool for control. He has real control issues. 

We get to see that Stevie won't take Mimi's leaving him sitting down. He gets man handled by security. Momma Dee and Erica will eventually try to get physical as well as Rashida and KC 2.0. I do know one thing: There are a lot of angry and bitter people on this show. 

Well there ya have it folks. Episode 2 is over. Will you be tuning in next week? 


Anonymous said...

Lol! Thanks I love it! You wrapped that up pretty good & had me rotflmao at your descriptions of these clowns! Idk but something about this beedyeyed loud mouth Tracie chick I already dont like,the rest is gonna be pure entertain-nah-ee!! Lol!

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