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About Raine

No. Raine Lali Gabrielle is not my real name. What the hell does Raine Lali Gabrielle mean? Glad you asked. If you had not asked you were gonna find out anyway.

Raine: Queen 

Lali: Well Spoken 

Gabrielle: God is my strength

I feel like you're reading this expecting to get to know me (duh, right?). Maybe you're hoping I'll drop some kind of sensational tidbit so you can tell your friends.  You're probably looking at the picture seeking a familiar face or trying to imagine what my voice sounds like. I sound like a southern girl with several degrees who grew up listening to trap music before it was called that. 

I was born and raised in South Florida so I don't always pronounce the "g" or "s" sound at the end of my words.  I'm a mom who loves pancakes and fruit smoothies with exactly one green leaf in them. 

I LOVE being BLACK. 

I create in my spare time. I sew and make jewelry through my Etsy shop "By KeeKs With Love." You can shop at

I pretty much make whatever the hell I feel like making, but my clients demand shirts the most. I'm talented.  I'm loud. I'm proud. I won't fight, but I won't keep my cousins from mollywhopping you as a favor to me. 

I like to read, but I mostly read sex novels and history books (judge ya mamie). I like to travel and my favorite thing to do is jump to conclusions. 

Call me a nerd if you wanna. Call me Esquire if ya nasty.

The views expressed herein are mine and mine alone. 


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