Get Familiar with Talented Generation


1. What is Talented Generation?
Talented Generation is a personal blog that serves a knee-slapping perspective on topics such as dating, pop culture, music and current events from the perspective of a  20-something professional. "Talented Generation" is a phrase that represents a generation of people from all walks of life, ranging from first-generation college students to CEO's in coporate America. The Talented Generation has experiences ranging from growing up in the 'hood to being born with proverbial silver spoons and they all have one thing in common: the desire to enjoy life.  

2. Who is Raine?
Raine is the ratchet correspondent and managing editor of Talented Generation. She writes, edits and posts 100% of the content. If you have any issues with anything you see posted here, she is the ONLY person with whom you should address your issue. Click here to learn more about her. 

3. How can I find out about new posts?
The best ways to find new posts is to (1) stop by the site (add TG to your favorites), (2) subscribe via email or (3) follow on Twitter: @LegallyKeeKey

4. What is a *Salute*?
salute is a gesture or other action used to display respect by members of the armed forces.  At Talented Generation, a *salute* is a tribute to trailblazers. It is our way of honoring those who have kicked down doors, shattered glass ceilings and veered off the beaten path to make it possible for others to live out their dreams. 

5. What was HUSL Today? 
HUSL Today was my 1st ever blog. I launched it while in law school. I pegged it as the Premiere Information Source for Young Professionals. Originally launched on August 1, 2009, HUSL Today was relaunched on January 11, 2010, after a brief hiatus. "HUSL" is an acronym for:
It was managed by Raine who decided to revamp the site with a new name-Talented Generation.

6. I am having trouble leaving a comment. How can I leave a comment on Talented Generation? 
At the end of each post, there is an option to leave a comment. The option is a LINK, which reflects the number of comments on the blog (i.e. 10 comments). Click on the comment count (the actual words) and it will take you to the comment form. Viola! 

7. How can I contact Rickeysha, the voice behind Talented Generation
Twitter: @LegallyKeeKey. Tweet me baby! 
Via email:

8. I am interested in seeing my material posted on Talented Generation, how can I make this happen? 
Thats easy! Send Raine an email to with your article, music or video footage along with your contact information. She will respond within 24 hours. 

9. I'm interested in sharing Talented Generation's material on my site, what should I do? 

Raine understands "sharing is caring," but she asks that when sharing posts you provide a link back to the original post. If you require assistance with doing so, please send her a message to 

Sharing IS Caring