Get Familiar with Talented Generation


"2520" or "YT": A term used to refer to white people. Y is the 25th letter of the alphabet, T is the 20th. If you say YT fast enough it sounds like "white."

"Aggin" or "Reggin": Read 'em backwards.   

"Cuffin Season": The season in which everyone is getting coupled up usually around when the weather is beginning to change and it is getting cold outside. The phrase is an oxymoron because there should not be a time of year set aside to enter into a committed relationship.

"Dunlap Syndrome" or "Dunlap" for short: An easily spotted affliction that is characterized by a belly that "dun lapped" over one's pants. 

"FOH": an acronym for Fuck Outta Here.

"Guaps": Refers to a lot of money. Amounts of disposable cash that include a comma. 

"Heauxx": We all know what it reads. If you don't, I feel sorry for you. Why do I spell it like its a french soup? Because it makes me feel better about myself. It makes me feel like I'm not *actually* cursing. Sometimes I use 3 x's instead of 2 to indicate how raunchy I think they are. 

"HUSL": An acronym for the Howard University School of Law. It also refers to Rickeysha's previous blog, HUSL Today. In that case HUSL refers to Honor, Under-appreciation, Sufficiency and Leadership. 

"Ratchet": to be beyond ghetto. See generally, Lil Boosie's song "Do The Ratchet"

"Skinny Fat Girl": someone who appears visibly skinny with their clothes on but consumes an amount of food that rivals someone that would be considered fat

"Smang It": A phrase coined by the musical geniuses Yung Humma & Flynt Flossy at Turquoise Jeep Records. It is a sexual term that combines the verbs smash and bang. 

"Twitter News":Refers to the situations when news breaks on Twitter before it breaks via any other news source

"Yamp": A young tramp

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